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Since its start, the WVPC has been working to prevent poisonings and reduce the number of poison related deaths in West Virginia. The WVPC accomplishes this by both educating the public on the importance of preventing poison exposure, and through treatment recommendations in the event of an exposure. A very crucial component of the Poison Centers’ services include poison prevention awareness programs for adults, children, and medical professionals.

The WVPC promotes its poison prevention message through a state-wide volunteer program, instructional presentations, school programs, health fairs and exhibits, newsletters, and press releases. We also promote National Poison Prevention Week campaigns, literature, and the ever popular “Mr.Yuk” warning stickers. Programs and materials are available to schools, day-care centers, community and professional organizations, physicians, medical facilities and families. The following pictures are from various poison prevention programs.

Teddy Bear Fair 2017 (hosted at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital)

A little boy looking at the look-a-like display of poisons and look-a-like products

A family picking up brochures and magnets. 

A little boy picking up some Mr. Yuk stickers to put on poisons at home. 

Red Ribbon Week Event

Teddy Bear Fair 2016 (hosted at CAMC Women and Children's Hospital)

Community Outreach Coordinator, Carissa McBurney, in the Teddy Bear Fair hat. 

North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT) 2016                

Specialist in Poison Information (SPI) Clinical Practice Symposium

Jamie Cook, RN, MSN, CSPI, AHLS-West Virginia Poison Center's Supervisor of Operations; Ross Sullivan, MD- Upstate New York Poison Center's Medical Toxicologist; Anthony Pizon, MD, ABMT-West Virginia Poison Center's Medical Direction Team


National Poison Prevention Week 2016

Rob Rosiek, Pharmacist at Oak Hill Kroger, speaks to students in Fayette County about poison prevention. Thanks to Rob and Oak Hill Kroger for their ongoing support. 


Jackson General Hospital Health Fair 

Carissa McBurney, MPA-West Virginia Poison Center's Community Outreach Corodinator


Poison Center Poster Contest


Presentation to the Headstart students at Frankford Elementary


WVU School of Pharmacy students teach poison prevention


Fort Ashby Health Fair


Raleigh General Hospital's Mr. Yuk


Poison Prevention Project WVRHEP Mountain Health Partners Consortium


Alum Creek Public Library


Cub Scout Pack #43: Bear Den, Grade 2 Flatwoods, WV


Career Day at Pinch Elementary


Kelly's Creek Communities Association, Inc.


Hookstown Fair on Child Safety